10 Must Know Tips to Protect You from Computer Repair Problems

Computer’s problems are the things that will surely happen to everyone who use computer for their works. It can be as small as computer freezes or as big as hard disk broken. There are two ways you can do when facing that problem is either fixing it yourself or look for a cheap expert computer repair services. Bellow is 10 tips and secrets to prevent you from computer repair problems.

1. Keep hard copy of all important computer documents such as its warranty documents, the print of a successful registration that you received when registered your computer online and the receipt of your computer payment in a safe place.

2. Do your homework well before buying any computer. First thing that should take into your consideration is about computer repair. Some repair shops will be charged for computer equipment inspection no matter if you still be in warranty or not. So, make sure that you get all details information about computer warranty, extend warranty including any services’ fee that may occur.

3. Write down all computer failures or symptoms you may face, especially the error messages. Try to make note as thoroughly as possible, it will surely help the technicians to quickly address its problem.

4. When looking for good company to repair your computer, you can start by searching for the shop that is advertised your brand, call to talk with their customer services to get a feel how they treat you, ask all details regarding repair rate and requiring time to complete the repair.

5. Locate the telephone service. In some cases you may not be able to travel directly to the repair shop. The alternative is to look for computer repair telephone consultant services. When start your call to the shop, notice the different behavior that you receive via the phone such as how long do you have to wait, are they willing to help or they seem to not care about you at all as you can take it into your consideration whether your should use their services or not. Do not forget to write down your computer model and serial number as you will need to give this info to them.

Computer Repair
Some computer repair company may require you to pay the fee for analyzing your computer before they can start work on it. However, there is a way you can do to save money from paying this fee by using “Norton Utility” program to address the problem and inform computer technician so they can fix the problem faster.

7. If the computer repair shop cannot repair any of your computer part whether it is out of warranty, out of production or completely broken, then ask them if you will be able to exchange it with the new one at any discount price. You may be lucky to get it at half price.

8. Prepare your computer to be ready for repair. Be sure to backup all important data such as your computer hard disk serial number, modem, CD-ROM including other devices, so you can use it to verify with the new exchange one. Don’t forget to completely delete all personal data from your computer before giving it to the shop to prevent any illegal use.

9. When giving your computer to computer repair company, be sure to ask for a document that indicates the parts of your computer that need to be changed including repair time. Be sure that you clearly understand all information in it to prevent the obscure expenditure. Don’t forget to ask for after repair warranty.

10. When close to the time that they promise to complete work for your computer, call them and ask if they still confirm that they can finish it in time. And when you go to pick up your computer, make sure to check every part and test its work before getting your computer back home.

Follow above 10 tips to be assured that you will not have any additional problem to your computer repair process.

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  1. Those are great tips. Very realistic and possible for the average person. Although everyday we seem to become more knowledgeable about computers, many of us aren’t that far ahead into being able to fix crucial computer problems ourselves but I do believe we can prevent many of them.


  2. These are all great tips, but there’s one last thing I’d like to add. Be sure to do your research before you commit to hiring someone to look at your equipment. Between Craigslist and classified ads, it’s seems half the population thinks they’re some sort of technician.

  3. An interesting read, thanks.

    I liked your point about making sure to prepare a computer for repair. Many people don’t realise that a lot of work goes into just backing up and preparing a machine, before the real problem can even be addressed.

    Doing this at home or the office before the computer is looked at by an expert can save a lot of time.

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