10 Tips to avoid a pc repair

Ten Tips to Keep your Computer Intact
1)When you switch off your computer, you should firstly wait to complete the Windows shutdown procedure and then press the power button. Only if your hard disc is not running or your computer is not functioning properly, you can turn it off with the power switch, avoiding damages to the hard disc.
2)It would be helpful to protect your computer by using an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) , so as your computer will not be damaged by an unexpected brownout.
3)It is strongly recommended to backup your archives which are important for you and you would like to protect them. There are many types of storage devices such as external hard drives, USB sticks, CD’s etc.
4)Occasionally, you may run the scandisk and the defragment function, in order to avoid potentially serious damages to your hard drive. You can either buy a service pack, provided by stores which have your computer’s brand name.
10 Tips to avoid a pc repair
5)You should not remove peripheral devices from your computer while it is activated, because this could have a negative influence on either to the connector socket or the motherboard. This action is strictly allowed only if you are equipped with a peripheral device guaranteed to be “hot pluggable”.
6)Make sure to maintain at least 300 MB of free space at your hard drive so as to be used by the Windows Operating System. For Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 the preferable amount of free space should be about 500 MB on your C: Drive. The absence of empty space in your hard drive will definitely end up causing serious malfunction to your computer, including data loss and deformation. It is also very usual to confront extremely low speed when you are trying to execute a task. Be sure to make the most of the ADD/Delete tool in the Windows Control Panel to get rid of useless programs which are installed at your hard drive. There are also several programs designed especially for “cleaning” and speeding up your computer.
7)When you switch on your computer, you should not permit ample programs loading up as long as they consume inestimable amount of your computer’s memory and Windows Resources. In case you don’t use all programs in your Windows System Tray, it is recommended to lock them and let them load up after computer’s booting.
8)It is important to install an antivirus program to your computer, which is loading up the time you turn on your computer. You will be perfectly protected in case you choose a continuous observing antivirus program, that is automatically updated.
9)Since you have a high speed Internet connection, it is certain that you must have installed a firewall program. A firewall program is used to maintain your computer safe from malicious attacks against your system. It would be best to avoid allowing someone other than you having access to your data and files. Nowadays all new computers are equipped with a built-in firewall program. You can easily change the firewall’s settings by accessing the control panel but you should remember to keep the firewall activated. In case you need some additional protection for your computer it would be best to take into consideration some security software available in stores such as Panda AntiVirus Pro, BitDefender Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security. All these programs are enriched with firewall, antivirus and plenty other security features.
10)You should also check computer and peripheral devices’ software discs and keep them in a safe enviroment, as they enclose useful programs and files for your Windows Version.


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