A Review Of The MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air is one of those things that’s on everyone’s wish lists at the moment. It’s simply sexy!

The MacBook Air probably has the slickest design of any laptop on the planet. As highlighted on the advertising campaigns, this laptop is thin enough to fit in a manila envelope!

MacBook Air hands on #1
Image by Dan_H via Flickr

The keyboard on the MacBook Air has been very well thought out, and is a pleasure to type with. The separate buttons for keys makes typing errors near impossible, whereas on many laptops the keys are all joined and are likely to have some typing errors produced using them.

The 13-inch LED screen surprises me. The screen is really energy efficient, unlike others on different laptops that use a backlight and therefore more power.

The graphics of the screen are amazing; unlike the normal fuzzy, low res quality you would expect on a laptop with a small screen, the Air shines, with vibrant, bright and sharp graphics that can only be wished for on most other small laptops.

On the negative side, the MacBook Air is only manufactured with a glossy screen, so working outdoors with this laptop will be a bit of a problem.

Being extremely small, the Air doesn’t have sufficient space to hold larger components such as a disc drive, or even a full-sized USB port. To overcome this, there is an adapter that will fit to a full-sized USB port and a sleek external disc drive that sits nicely beside the laptop when you need it.

As do all Apple machines, the MacBook Air runs Leopard. The only changes to the OS are to utilize the laptop’s oversized multi-touch touchpad. The Air now supports multi-finger gestures, for example you can move three fingers across the touchpad to go backwards and forwards in the internet browser, Safari.

Of course, the Air’s OS is just like all other MacBooks; beautiful and functional. It’s a pleasure to use.

The Air is a brilliant piece of tech. The only problem is the high price on this laptop. If $1500 is your price range, this is the laptop for you. If that price made you jump in your seat, maybe this laptop is not for you.

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