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From saving trees to nationwide WiFi, the Amazon Kindle brings a world of good to the American readers. Those who have tried it swear by it and those who have not – ought to. One of the coolest things about it is how easy it is on the eyes. For folks with old-sightedness (Presbyopia), the ebook reader is one of the best things brought forth by modern technology. The Amazon Kindle 2 rocks.

Without doubt, the original Kindle claim to fame is its technology. In its successor the Kindle 2, the rough edges of the maiden Kindle have been sorted out and what’s already good have become even better. The display is one example of that. The text and images on the electronic paper screen appear crisper and sharper than the real paper book. If you’re spending money on treating eyestrain or fatigue, stop. Buy a Kindle instead.

At the heart of the Kindle display is the Electronic Ink Digital Display technology. It’s the reason why readers are able to go for hours free of eye strain or tiredness. The screen itself does not heat up either since there’s no backlight. As a result, the display of this e-reader is absolutely non-glaring. The text can be changed over a range of 6 font sizes so everything essentially can be in large print if so desired. This is a big plus with those who are dependent on bi-focal or reading glasses.

Although the maiden Kindle already had a pretty formidable display, Amazon never let up on their trademark cutting-edge technology. That’s basically how and why the Kindle 2 is able to boast an even crisper paper-like screen. Resolution, shade scale and image stability have all been greatly enhanced. In technical terms, the display is now powered by a 16-level gray scale with 167 pixels per inch resolution at 250 millisecond refresh rate upon electronic ink bubble and film technology.

The Kindle is drastically different in appearance from its predecessor which was somewhat quirky and sci-fi looking, that’s why people are asking Where Can I Buy A Kindle. Its conservative and no-nonsense style makes the user come across as smart but yet doesn’t steal the limelight from its contents be they books or periodicals. The screen is appropriately located with emphasis on ergonomics and functionality rather than looks thus toeing the philosophy of ‘lost in your reading, not in the technology’.

Derived from a combo technology of Physics, Chemistry and Electronics in unison, the Amazon Kindle display is a godsend for hardcore readers. Above all the benefits and convenience it delivers, it has the welfare of your eyes in mind. You will never wear out your eyes with a Kindle. Whether you are a book lover, tech geek or gadget freak, you will love your Kindle and its super duper display. So will your eyes and that’s a guarantee.

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