Bulk Convert, Rename, and Resize Images with MS Office Picture Manager

Converting, renaming, and resizing pictures one by one is a tedious task. If you’re a graphic or web designer, or just the usual computer user, you should try the Microsoft Office Picture Manager to do these tasks. This software is the successor of Microsoft Photo Editor (bundled in Office XP edition), Microsoft Office Picture Library 2003, and Microsoft Office Picture Library.

This application is easy to use. It can convert your stock photos to JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, and BMP file formats in no time. The JPEG option lets you customize all the pictures’ compression settings. This way, you can limit the file size to your own preference.

With this software, you can also rename images all at once with automatic numbering sequences — you can specify the number of digits, start of the number, and display option (either at the beginning or end of the file name).

If you want more control over the photos’ sizes, you can utilize the program’s resize settings. You can modify all the images’ width and height by pixel and percentage. This tool has six predefined width x height settings. If you’re pictures are to be posted online, you can select the web properties. If it’s for documents, you can choose the document settings.

If you don’t know where to find Microsoft Office Picture Manager, you can just type its keywords on Vista and Windows 7’s search boxes.

open program

You can also find this program by browsing All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tool.

microsoft office tools

When Microsoft Office Picture Manager is open, click the File menu.

file menu

Next, press Add Picture Shortcut.

add picture shortcut

Browse through your computer and select the folder where you’ll save your converted, renamed, and / or resized photos. Hit the Add button to proceed to the next step.

add picture shortcut folder

In the application’s main interface, you’ll see an empty box. Drag and drop the images you want to convert, rename, and / or resize to this box.

drag drop images

Select all the dropped pictures.

select all photos

Click the Export pictures link on the side panel.

export pictures

The Export side panel has four commands you can utilize.

In Export with this file name section, you can rename all the photos at once with several customizable settings. Click Rename to continue.

rename file names

Under Rename, enter your preferred file name. This will be applied to all pictures. Tick Replace existing file name.

To differentiate each file, you’ll have to enable the adding of the sequential numbers. f you want to preview the filenames, you can see it under Preview.

Press Return to Export.

rename pictures

To convert your photos to other file types, you can do it here.

export file format

file formats

To get more resize properties, press the Resize link.

export size

You can pick one predefined size under Resize settings.

web small

You can also modify the default size according to your own choice of width and height. For this illustration, we will resize all the photos 70% from their original dimensions.

percentage size

When all settings are final, click the OK button. The converting, renaming, and resizing of all the pictures will just take seconds to complete.

ok button

These are the original photos with their file names and sizes.

orig photos

These are the result images. The filenames are easier to read and manage, and the sizes are smaller.

converted photos

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