Buying a Cooler for Your Laptop

Laptop cooler’s are easy to find and can be found by different names such as Chill Mat, Notebook Cooler, Chill Pad or Cooler Pad. Laptops are booming the market almost throwing back all the other computer related gadgets. Still, they have some defects where the heat generated is not controlled by the existing fan device creating a problem of loosing the components of the system as it gets overheated.

A laptop cooler is an attachment that helps reduce operating temperature when the existing fan device of your laptop is insufficient in reducing the heat. Laptop cooler’s are designed in such a way that they are usually helpful in reducing the heat that comes from the bottom of the device. These coolers have their own fans that use power from the power adapters, however; the most up to date versions of a chill pad use the USB port on the laptop. There are certain other devices that are more advanced and offer an insert for memory sticks or key drives.

Laptops are very economical in power consumption but still tend to get warm while carrying out certain activities. If a laptop is used in regular intervals or daily and has no problems, this is an absolute perfect scenario but usually the problems you can face are very common like slow performance, getting scrambled or crashing down. Generally just heavy usage of a laptop alone doesn’t make the equipment warm but unknowingly if you use your laptop in places where there is excess heat or direct sunlight hitting your laptop, even this can add to heat generating while carrying on general activities. A chill pad prevents such problems.

Some other features include card readers for various forms of media such as key drives, 2.5″ laptop hard disk drives and memory sticks. Chill mats house its own fans which are placed right below the laptop. They’re designed to draw heat from the underside of the computer and others are used to blow cool air to the notebook. The speed of these fans can be controlled manually or automatically and for some the speed remains constant.

Still there are certain risks while using a chill pad. a chill pad is not built in notebooks but they need to be plugged in which means the equipment has to bear an excess power load. Many laptops today only supply 2.5 watts of power in the USB port. A study conducted by California Polytechnic University in regards to the heat resource on a laptop computer says the plug in reduces the life span of the laptop. However, if the laptop was lifted from the bottom so that it was at an angle, the heat would freely move away from the laptop. This is a proven method to reduce the risk of an overheated laptop.

Many notebooks are designed considering the survey results of California Polytechnic University by creating an angle by lifting the laptop you can tilt the device to 360 degrees giving your a clear view of the screen. These cool pads prevent your laptop from becoming overheated. There are certain chill mats tgat don’t use fans instead they use a crystalline compound to cool laptops.

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