Buying a Hard Drive at an Affordable Price

It’s obvious you computer needs a hard drive so when you’re looking to upgrade or buy a new computer, you should keep the hard drive in mind.  If you need to replace a hard drive, you may be thinking they’re a bit pricey but there are a lot of options when it comes to finding an affordable hard drive.

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The first item to look for in a hard drive is how much the hard drive stores.  Many people are purchasing the larger capacity hard drives but to stay affordable, look at the smaller storage hard drives.  A hard drive that has 200GB of storage will definitely cost less than one with 500GB.

home at the end of the world a movie While you’re looking for a hard drive, look also for the USB capability.  A nice feature hard drives can come with now is connecting it via your USB port so it’s easier to transport between computers if you need to.  This is more convenient than your standard hard drive that’s housed in your computer and isn’t transportable.  A hard drive that connects via a USB port is no more expensive than your standard hard drive.  The only difference in cost would of course be the storage capacity.

The lower cost hard drives will still have great transfer rates.  The inner zone transfer rate will be about 50MB to up to 100MB per second on the outer zone.

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You can find affordable hard drives in many different places.  One such place is your local computer hardware store.  They should have many hard drives for sale at different price levels.  It should be pretty easy to find the right one for you.

You can also find refurbished hard drives in some independent computer stores.  They may have been used before but they have been cleaned and restored so they work just like a new hard drive. You may even find the higher quality refurbished drives that will cost you much less than purchasing a new one.

Also look for outlet stores in your area. Outlet stores will have great priced hard drives and the reason for the great prices is because there’s no middle man to deal with.  The stores then just pass the savings on to you. You can look in your local phone book to find an outlet store near you.

The Internet is also a great place to find affordable hard drives.  Two websites I recommend that sell affordable hard drives is and  You’ll find affordable prices and many to choose from.  These are reputable sites to shop for computer hardware. Make sure to only shop at reputable sites to avoid sites that aren’t protected and secure.

divx twister A hard drive is a necessity when it comes to having a computer.  By shopping at different stores, it’s pretty easy to find an affordable hard drive that works for you.

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