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If you are still using Windows Vista and want to add some extra performance, then these settings are definitely worth it.View is known as an operating system slow if you don’t have high-end.Afortunadamente hardware, you can improve the performance view without too many problems.

These three settings must be added some performance and responsiveness to the vista.Algunos settings work better than others, so you will need to try different things to gain optimal.

First, disable services that consume resources and are not all that useful

Disable resource-intensive services

1) Enable disable remote differential compression (RDC)

Remote differential compression (RDC) allows applications to synchronize data between two computers so eficiente.La efficiency of synchronization is possible through the use of compression techniques to minimize the amount of data sent through the red.Pero can slow things

If you want to disable it:

-Control Panel-> programs and features
-In the menu on the left click on “Enable or disable features Windows”
-Turn off remote differential compression

(2) Shutdown Windows Index search

To speed up searches and search capabilities, Windows Vista keeps an up-to-date index of files and index carpetas.Este is updated regularly and may harm computer dramáticamente.Si not long ago search, worth if you turn this off.

-Click on Start-> computer
-Right Click on c:
-Select the “General” tab-> uncheck index this drive for faster searching

(3) Disable hibernation

Hibernation is a great feature, but it is one that uses large amount of resources and should be turned off if not used regularmente.Le we recommend that you try to disable it to see what kind of performance you get.

-Control Panel-> power options
-Click on change plan settings
-Click Change advanced power settings
-Go to sleep-> hibernate after
-Move the selector to 0
-Click on apply

Previous settings should help add some results to the vista.La easiest to improve performance is by using a record view limpiador.puede download free cleaner and add up to 300% profit.

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