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Every computer owner has seen the error messages that appear on the computer. You are probably familiar with those illegal error messages where your heart begins to sink and you feel a nervous breakdown. But who has the right to call these error messages “illegal”? Does this mean that the end of someone is near? Will the computer be dead because it was turned on by you? Some people get so scared off when they see these error messages that all they do is turn off the computer and call a repair technician, which is the best solution according to them. Over 20,000 computer error messages are known to date and it is not possible to find out what they literally mean.

It is very hard for a computer user with average knowledge to know the meaning of a message like “Cannot delete tmp 164_5.tmp: not enough disc space”. This one doesn’t make any sense. The computer wants you to remove some files, but when you do it, it doesn’t allow you to do so. What is this?

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How about the message: “The program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down; if the problem persists, contact the program vendor.” I can’t even remember how many times I have been called about this error message. This message especially puts the new computer user to the test. “Do you contact the program vendor or not? If you are seriously wondering about this question, then the answer is an emphatic “no.” You will never get an answer from the vendor this way. In fact, sending an error report to the vendor is much the same as sending your “Wish List” to Santa at the North Pole.

What can be done?

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Most of these problematic messages could be dealt with by rebooting the computer or by turning it off and then turning it on. So, unless you are a software engineer or have a good knowledge of computers, then you don’t need to bother with these messages.

There is no reason to worry about each and every error message that you get, but there are a few messages which you should not sideline and should get immediate help when you encounter them.

Windows Protection Error- This error appears when there is a VxD or a virtual device driver problem. The best thing you can do is boot your computer in safe mode and uninstall and then reinstall the device driver that has the problem. This error message can also be caused by other problems like, memory, or a registry error. In case of a registry error, you can run a registry utilities program, which can be found on the internet to clean up your registry.

KERNAL32.DLL – The KERNAL32 receives a lot of processing requests and gets entangled in it. It has to deal with a number of programs and their processing. Whenever there is a problem with KERNAL32, it means that either the files have corrupted, there’s a microprocessor problem, software gone wrong, corrupt drivers, virus in the computer, or reduced space on the hard disc. It could mean a lot of things if you get a KERNAL32 error message. Even some problem with hardware also causes this message to appear. If there is not a proper power supply, or there’s an overheated microprocessor, then these things are also responsible for KERNAL32 message. In such a case, you must use a registry utility cleaner and see if it solves the problem.

Blue Screen Errors – These are major computer errors and usually the computer doesn’t bother sending you a cute error message here. You just get this big blue screen which tells you to take immediate action. In some cases the blue screen will say “Wait for program or press ctl+Alt+Delete to reboot. In most cases you are just better off rebooting, because most of the time you can’t get your program back. Once you reboot your computer it should be fine. Sometimes the blue screen only informs you that you have unplugged some device and need to plug it back in. If Windows doesn’t come back, then you need to reboot. The only time you ever need to worry about the blue screen is when it keeps recurring and won’t go away. In this case you probably have a hardware problem and should call a repair service provider.

In most cases the computer will repair the error itself by rebooting. There are exceptions where registry errors or program errors have occurred and in these cases a registry cleaner should do the trick. Unfortunately some computer error messages require a more thorough revision, and if the registry cleaner did not work then you might want to call in a professional to see what the problem is.

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