Computer Maintenance Checklist

Computer Maintenance Checklist
– Check your BiOS.

The central nervous system of your computer, the BiOS controls everything in your computer and can avert many more serious problems if you know the lay of the land here. Yes, you can cause your computer much harm from here, so if you do not want to touch the spine of your computer, then send it out to be fixed at the first sign of anything different about the BiOS.

– Check for Spyware.

Spyware and cookie finders inside of your computer can do many things, from making your entire system slow down to stopping certain programs from working to making your computer more susceptible to virus attacks. There are many spyware checking services for free online, but you can also pay for a much more up to date version.

– Check for Viruses.

These are the much more serious versions of malicious software, and are usually much more visible. However, it is possible that they are not. Many viruses today are created to work behind the scenes recording your keystrokes and taking your private information quietly. Any weird pop up or error message should ring alarm bells. If you see a program running that you do not know, check it out. Use safe mode to check for differences in performance.

– Check your cables.

Many computer problems, like a constantly low battery or some error messages are simply the mark of a loose or unthreaded cable. Replace all cables before you worry about internal things.

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