Computer Problem Troubleshooting

Some of the basic troubleshooting activities could be performed by you if the computer has some problem before you call your nearest computer store. You must have the basic knowledge about the computer before you could actually start off with the troubleshooting technique. You must be aware if it is a Mac or a personal computer. You must be aware of the manufacturer, whether the computer you have is a white box, Dell, or IBM make. You must also be aware as what Pentium processor it supports, and what operating system is installed.

You need to know how much memory and how large a hard drive you have in the computer. All of this information should either be written somewhere, or should be in your manufacturer’s manual. Armed with this information you are then ready to embark on your computer problem troubleshooting endeavors.

Things to Keep in Mind

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You must aware of the activity you were doing on the computer during the occurrence of the problem. You may write and attach the problem occurrence message so that the technical department could know the exact problem. Were you working on a document or working on the network?

Things to try once you know everything

1. Reboot (turn the machine off and then on again) – Believe it or not but this resolves most computer problems.

2. Run a Virus check, but first run a virus update. You can usually get your antivirus software updated online.

3. Try to decide on the area of the problem. Determine if it’s a network problem, a hardware problem, or a software problem. You can determine if it’s a network problem very easily by checking to see if the computer is on the network. Network problems are the usual culprits for Internet problems.

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4. If your computer doesn’t start up, then you should look behind it and make sure that all the cables are plugged firmly into the computer. Make sure that the computer is plugged into the outlet (sometimes the cleaning crew mess this stuff up)

5. Check to see if you get any lights on the computer. If the computer lights turn on, but the computer won’t start and you have no sound, then you probably need to replace the power supply. You should call a repair technician to have it replaced.

6. If your computer freezes in the operating system. Try rebooting your system and as it reboots press F8 to see if it will go into safe mode, from there uninstall the application you installed that caused the problem, or reboot.

If none of the above tips work at least you are better informed and can give tech support the information they need to help you. The most important thing is to remain calm and to pay attention to what the computer is doing, so you can help the technician help you in your computer problem troubleshooting.

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  1. darlahopkins says:

    Great Post!!! Its is so simply explain that any layman can also solve the basic problem by himself. For more information chk here

  2. darlahopkins says:

    Great Post!!! Its is so simply explain that any layman can also solve the basic problem by himself. For more information chk here

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