Computer Repair: A Guide to Pricing

Computers can usually run for a few years before they start to break down. Common causes of computer failures include software, hardware, or sometimes both.

Software that can cause computers to become inoperable includes viruses, which consume all the resources so computers can not respond to user inputs. Viruses can also cause computers to display constant blue or blank screen. Computer software drivers that are out of date can also cause computers to become unstable and unable to interact with other hardware components such as printers, scanners, and faxes.

Hardware failures are less common than software. Some examples of hardware failures include power supply, motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, and other external components such as graphic card and sound card. One common symptom that is shared by hardware failure is that computers become inoperable or causes constant instability. More specifically, computers may not be able to boot up, froze frequently, reboot constantly by itself.

Software repairs are usually less expensive than hardware in most cases. Computer repair facility scans the computer for potential problems such as viruses and bad software drivers. Once the root cause is identified, the computer service facility fixes the issue by removing the virus or updating the software driver. In extreme instances, the computer may need to have the operating system re-installed when it has too many software corruptions. The cost to repair computer software issues can be anywhere between $35 and $95. The actual price depends on the service location and the severity of the failure.

Hardware repairs typically involve replacing the hardware components that are failing. The cost includes the labor and the parts. Therefore, hardware repair costs are higher than software. Note that it may take several days to repair if the service facility needs to order the hardware components. The following provides an estimate cost to repair each computer component:

Power supply: $40 – $100
Motherboard: $80 – $160
CPU: $50 – $120
Memory: $40 – $80
Hard disk: $60 – $150

In some cases where more than one hardware components are failing, it will be more cost effective to purchase a new computer than taking the repair.

The prices in this article are only estimates. Other factors affecting the costs include the service location and the nature and severity of the issues.

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