Computers and Overheating

Summer weather is in full effect around the nation – here in the Pacific Northwest we’re having a heat wave. Along with other things like Gramma and Grampa, we need to check our computers for overheating and prevent problems down the road. We’ve seen overheating bring up problems like hard drive errors, power supply problems and all-out failures. It’s important for your computer equipment to be able to dissipate that heat properly. First of all the obvious answer – if it doesn’t need to be on, turn it off. The simplest answer is usually the best but often just not possible. Check the location of your case – is it in a closed area like the bottom of your desk? Make sure it has enough airflow around it. You don’t need a fan pointed at it, but make sure any hot air that comes out of the computer case isn’t trapped in and cycling around to the air intakes. Speaking of intakes – are they clean? A modern case and computer is a delicate balance of space and airflow. An intake clogged with dust can cut off up to 50% of the airflow to expensive parts within. Use a canned air blower to open the ports, or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust. We offer service as well for heat issues – improving airflow in custom cases, cleaning inside and out – get ready for the heat!



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