Considering A New Printer? Consider the Dell 1710

If you need a dependable and effective solution that can deal effectively with your personal printing needs and keep up with the demands of your small business, then the Dell 1710 printer is what you need. It is not accidental that this printer has been characterized as a workhorse; a laser printer that can help you handle loads of work. It is the obvious choice for those who need an efficient printing tool for their home or office.

The Dell 1710 Printer is designed in such a way, so as to juggle various tasks at the same time. It features a  fast processor and is equipped with a printing machine that can churn out at least 20 pages per minute. This means that it can rid you of loads of print work fast. The 1710 printer is a monochrome laser printer that can be inextricably linked to your home and business.

The Dell 1710 prints in 1200×1200 resolution and features an amazing monthly print capability of 15000 pages. If you are a typical and average home user, though, you won’t print more than 500-1000 pages per month. This means that you can simply extend the life of your printer and cartridge.

Dell 1710 comes in two different versions, the original standard one which costs around $150 and the newer model which allows better network connections and faster printing with Dell 1710 toner. Both models though come with the impressive 15000 page duty cycle. The 1710 comes with three connection choices: Ethernet 10/10000mbps, a typical parallel and a USB 2. In case you are interested in wireless connectivity, you can install the wireless adapter which costs approximately $80.

The Dell 1710 Printer comes in the typical Dell colors, grey and silver. The setup is easy, especially if you opt for the Ethernet or USB connection. You will soon figure out that accessing the toner cartridge is also quite easy. The standard Dell 1710 Toner cartridges are food for approximately 2500-3000 pages, although you can find larger cartridges, good for 6000 pages or more.

One of the greatest advantages of the Laser Dell 1710 is the effortless setup. Using the USB or Ethernet port you can install the printer almost in no time. The printer is easy to use and the menu is quite comprehensible. Dell usually avoids unnecessary drills and complications, thus, users can find their way around easily. The 1710 runs on a 366 MHz Processor and has 16MB of internal memory, which you can upgrade up to 144MB. This is recommended to those who want to speed up the printing of graphics and images. The upgraded memory can speed up the whole procedure up to 5 times.

One of the characteristics much appreciated in 1710 is the easy installation and setup, which doesn’t last for more than three or four minutes; especially if you use the USB v2 or the Ethernet cable, the printer will be ready to start working in a snap. There are preloaded drivers, so just connect the printer and enjoy it. It is compatible with all major operational systems so you won’t have a problem whether you have a PC or Mac.

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  1. jacktb says:

    Businesses who use dell office machines can have additional savings by using remanufactured toner as replacement. And they help the environment as well.

  2. Snowgirl says:

    My printer is not working. It looks like the drum has been stuck for some time and not turning. It has a black toner line across it and the toner cartridge has a dry line through it. Any ideas on how to fix this without carting it off to a shop?

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