Custom Joomla Development Vs Code Hack for Bundled Extension

This article discusses in length the custom Joomla development for extensions vs. “hacked” code solutions available for Joomla CMS. The analysis is done on broader and more universal concepts.

If asked to define “code hack” one finds it has many definitions and is frequently misinterpreted for the typical “hacker” Therefore it is important to distinguish between the two and also define “code hack” in terms of it being used as a part for custom Joomla development.
Origin Of The Word “code hack”
It would be interesting for you to read through some quotes that define code hack. It is appropriate method for solving a coding problem vs. less than appropriate mess called “spaghetti code” by someone who has very limited expertise.
The word “hacker” finds its coinage to the time when rough furniture was made with hatchet and a stump. Seems to be appropriate when time is limited, quick solution is needed for problem solving. But it frails into thinness when compared to the quality furniture piece coming assured with precision, sustainability and longevity from the craftsman himself.

Code Hack – The Definition
Following are few online definitions. The list could have more but well here four of them:-
“An incredibly good, and perhaps very time-consuming, piece of work that produces exactly what is needed”
“to cut or sever with repeated irregular or unskillful blows”
“an appropriate application of ingenuity.”
“a quick-and-dirty patchwork job”
Code Hack vs. Packaged Extension For Joomla CMS?
Just check points 3 & 4, the elaboration for Joomla CMS will also be more centered on these two points. This is because two things: – Lack of proper time and scanty availability of resources, limit the scope of fully implementing a solution. But the problem in hand is such that you require solving it immediately. Thus altering a code seems feasible and more effective. But this would further cause two problems:
It will have to be implemented.
When your project progresses and develops the code would have to be equally developed.
Thus with code hack keeping up with such frequent modifications becomes cumbersome. Even developer’s skills don’t abet with such changes, so once your site gets an upgrade the same problem lingers on.
Custom Joomla Development Services: How Specific This Solution Gets
Well if the above problem is so explicitly faced and code hacks pose to resolve the issues slightly less satisfactorily then one can find perfect solution in custom Joomla development of extensions.
More preferably go for an expert Joomla extension developer who can deliver professional services. This brings greater sustainability to your Joomla design and clever installable extension solution. This bundled Joomla extension is easy to maintain as there is a possibility of version control and log change.
Through custom Joomla development of extensions you can get a properly developed and packaged Joomla extension which though may come with one time price rise, but save you from the;
Hassel and inconvenience to get a code installed and renewed every time.
Custom Joomla development of extensions comes with low cost maintenance
Reduces dependency on time

Author Bio
CNP Integrations, experts in custom Joomla development in their recent post explained and concluded this by saying “Remember in the world of open source you really need to keep your environment up-to-date and current to reduce potential security breaches. Try not to be short sighted in your approach or it may come back to bite you later if a bad guy “Hacker” with ill will finds a way to interrupt the presentation of your web site.” Take a note here and consider Joomla extension development as an intelligent move for customizing websites.

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