Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When You Buy A Printer?

1. Not Checking User Reviews Online

With the advent of online stores, we can make use of the user reviews that customers leave on these sites. That would not have been the case before the days of the internet, where, if you wanted to get some information about a particular product, you would have to buy one of those consumer review type magazines and hope that the model you were interested in was one of those reviewed in it.

These days you have the convenience of doing research online, and one of the better ways of researching the printer you are interested in is to check out the online stores. Consumers who have bought the model printer you wish to purchase freely give their opinion about it in the user reviews section and more so if it is a negative experience they have had when using it.

It certainly takes a lot of the guess work out of buying a printer as you can go by the star rating that each user has given the product, and get a good idea of what you’re buying before parting with your hard earned dollars.

2. You Buy On Price Alone

I realize we all want to save money whenever we can, but before making that impulse purchase because the printer’s on special at one of those major office supply store chains, check to make sure it is going to be suitable for your printing needs.

For example, if you print a lot of black and white documents, it would be foolish to purchase a color inkjet printer even if it was at the lowest price. These printers use color from their cartridges even when printing in black and white, so you will end up having to replace the color cartridges in no time, which will then make that printer not such a good bargain after all.

3. Not Checking the Price of Replacement Cartridges

If you don’t check the price of replacement cartridges before buying the printer, you may in for quite a shock when it comes time to replace the ink. Color cartridges are not cheap and if you’ve paid a small amount for the printer, the cost of replacing cartridges could make your bargain quite an expensive purchase.

So use due diligence and check the price of replacement cartridges before making a printer purchase. If you’d like more tips or printer reviews then be sure to visit

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