DVD Shrink for Microsoft Windows

DVD Shrink is a software program designed especially for Microsoft Windows. It is used to copy DVDs, which are larger than the usual 4.7 GB by shrinking them and fitting them onto the disk of the normal size (4.7 GB). This software allows the preparation of a backup copy of a commercial DVD. Let’s look at the functions of the DVD Shrink for Windows in detail.

You can download the DVD shrink software from the Internet like any other software application. Once you have downloaded the software, you get several facilities. The main benefit of the DVD shrink for windows is its ability to compress the data to store the commercial DVD in a much smaller space.

The DVD shrink software deletes the unnecessary material and reproduces a copy that is as good as the original. You cannot access the disk itself in this program because the crossover does not allow the program to see the physical drive. You need some free hard drive space to copy the entire DVD shrink for Windows in your hard drive. The copying is sometimes from 4.7 GB to even 9 GB. You do need to encode it in DVD Shrink and then prepare another 4.7 GB disc image. The built-in burn functionality will also not be usable.

erin brockovich dvd download You will need another application to rip the DVD to your hard drive if you want to access your DVD Shrink for Windows. This system will rip your DVD to your hard drive and create a folder with the name of your DVD. Then you can click the ‘Open Files’ button and browse through the ‘Video_TS’ where you will find the DVD Shrink for Windows that was ripped to the hard drive.

You can place this in the folder ‘My Desktop’ on your desktop. Then it is easily accessible. The hard drive displays a few different ways in your browser. If you have stored it in some external disc, you have to use the ‘/’ and ‘volumes’ options to find the name of your disc. Some Mac Users find this very perplexing because when they open DVD Shrink for windows, they have to change a bunch of settings.

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The backup button is clicked and there are a couple of options to save your work. The work can be saved as a disk image which can be burned later on to a DVD Shrink for Windows. You may choose any option but you now have an operational edition of the disc you started out with in the first place. You get it on a smaller, regular DVD Shrink for Windows now. If you want to know how to burn a disc image using disk utility toy, you need to open disk utility and open an image from the ‘File’ menu. After that is done, select the image in the left hand pane and click on ‘burn’.

This can be used in case of many other applications as well. This is just what we need to know about DVD Shrink for windows and the ways to use it to create DVD copies in DVD Shrink for windows.

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