Got A Virus Problem? – What You Should Do

Boot sector virus removal can be a tricky business as these are some of the most evil and difficult kinds of viruses.

They lodge in your boot sector, the part of your computer that is responsible for loading or “booting” the rest of it, so that as soon as your computer is turned on, the virus is already loaded into memory. This can be a big problem, because a cleverly designed boot sector virus can convince your computer that there is no virus at all when it loads as I found out recently.

lost and delirious movie Apparently the best way for boot sector virus removal is to make a backup “clean” disk. This disk loads your computer when you stick it in the drive, so it is not loading from the boot sector, which has been contaminated by a virus. This way, you can load your computer virus free and then clean the virus off of it.

Boot sector virus removal isn’t the only protection you might need on your computer. You need spyware removal as well. Spyware is a little like viruses, but much less harmful.

When you visit certain websites with spam, they will put a program in your web browser which keeps track of your information and sends it back to them. It follows what websites you go to, what you buy, etc., and uses it to market things to you.

It also slows down your computer and opens pop-up windows that you don’t want to see, which is very distracting and annoying. Some adware can even divert your web browser, sending you to websites you don’t want to see, and stopping you from getting to the ones you’re trying to get to.

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Always make sure you have a virus protection software loaded on your computer.  This will help you avoid any ugly bugs from invading your computer.

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