Help In Speeding Up A Slow Computer

During regular use, PCs need a certain amount of maintenance and security measures to keep them working properly. Below are 5 things that can help speed up slow computers and protect them.

One of the first things you should do is protect your computer from outside contamination. One of the main problems pcs have is caused by Spyware. Spyware is a program that has been installed at some point in time on your computer without your knowing it. Its main function is to collect personal information off your computer such as your browsing history, personal passwords, and email addresses. It then will sale this information to an outside source.

This is a giant security risk and it will also slow your computer down by having applications constantly running in the background. It is not hard to find a high-quality anti-spyware program out there to eliminate the bad spy’s already installed and protect you from further invasion. Keeping Spyware off your computer is an important part of maintaining a good working computer.

Second, run the Windows Disk Cleanup tool to free up more storage space. To find the Disk Cleanup Tool, click the “Start” button, then click “Programs,” then “Accessories”, and finally “Tools.” Most of the files will be internet files that have been stored to make browsing faster. From time to time, these files need to be removed to reduce the storage space being used.

For the next step look in accessories under tools you will find a disk defragmenter. You will need to run this disk defragmenter utility in order to organize all your data. By organizing your data storage you will help to streamline a direct path for your pc’s processor that it uses to find each tiny bit of data it needs to run your programs. But, run the analysis first and see exactly how long this process will take. If it takes a large amount of time you might want to consider doing this at night when you are not needing your computer.

Fourth, repair disk issues or errors on your computer’s hard drive. Errors are simply the result of use. They happen at various times such as with online download failures, uninstalling applications, incorrect computer and program shutdowns, etc. This utility is found under My Computer. Right click on the C drive, next Properties, and then Tools tab.

The last step is to use a good registry optimization software program. Today there are just too many computer users that will not take the time to run the above described methods as often as should be done, if at all. So many technicians will recommend that you use a simple registry cleaner as your full-time optimization tool. This will allow you to skip having to do the above four procedures and minimize your need for any other kind of maintenance.

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