Highlighting Text In Microsoft Word

The easiest way to select text is to position the cursor where you want your selection to start, click and hold the mouse button down and drag to the position where you want to end the selection. It is not necessary to drag across every single line that you want to select. It is sufficient to move in a straight line from start to the finish.

To deselect your text and remove any highlight, click somewhere in your text. You will then see the flashing cursor appear at the point where you click.

Another simple way of selecting text is to select the entire document. This is done via the “Select All” command. In Word 2007, the “Select All” command is found in the “Editing” section of the “Home” Tab. Click to display the “Select” menu and choose “Select All”.

The “Select All” command can be found in a lot of programs and lots of different environments. It can also be done via the keyboard using Control-A: that is to say, keep the Control key held down while typing “A”.

As well as selecting characters by dragging across them, Word also allows you to select whole lines. To do this, place the cursor in the left margin and you’ll notice that it changes to an arrow pointing to the right. Once the cursor changes, you can simply click once to select a single line or click and drag to select multiple lines.

Another way of highlighting text is to click multiple times. To highlight a word, double click on the word; to highlight an entire paragraph, click three times on the paragraph.

It is also possible to select text using the mouse and keyboard. This normally involves using the Shift key. One such technique is click then Shift-click. First, you click to position the cursor at the start of the text to be highlighted; next hold down the Shift key and click to mark the point where you want the highlighting to end. All the text between the two clicks will now be selected.

live free or die hard dvd To highlight text without the mouse, use the cursor keys on your keyboard to position the cursor where you want your highlight to begin. Next, press Shift in conjunction with one of the cursor keys. To highlight character by character, press the right or left cursor key depending on the required direction. To highlight line by line press the down or up cursor key.

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The Shift key can also be used in conjunction with the Control key. For example, if you hold down Control and Shift and press the right arrow, you will select word by word instead of character by character. Similarly, if you hold down Control and Shift and press the down arrow, you will select paragraph by paragraph.

The Home and End keys can also be used in making selections. For example, if the cursor is positioned in the middle of a line, pressing Shift and Home will highlight from that position to the start of the line while pressing Shift and End will highlight from the cursor position to the end of the line. Holding down Control and Shift while pressing the right arrow will highlight from the cursor position to the start of the document. Control, Shift and End will highlight from the cursor position to the end of the document.

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