How To Automatically Capitalize A String In PHP

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PHP’s UCWords function is rather simple because we only have to supply the function with the string we want to be converted into uppercase. While it sounds like a fool-proof plan, don’t get too hasty because there are similar-looking functions that perform similar tasks. As such, the proper PHP programmer will memorize such functions to increase their work efficiency.

One of the neat things about UCWords is that it can be used to maintain a sense of professionalism among business partners and clients. By using PHP to send mail, we can dynamically make the personal or business name of the partner capitalized, regardless of whether or not the partner capitalized his or her name in a registration process.

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When webmasters want to reach a broad audience for their content, they will alter Meta tags to tell search engines how and to who they should display the webmaster’s resource. When webmasters format the “Title” tag for the Meta data, they should capitalize it to show a sense of professionalism. Using UCWords for this task is quite common, since it can dynamically do so.

By applying the UCWords function to a custom-made function, we can also alter strings to keep certain words lower case. This is especially important for proper news resources, who know that proper title case is going to mean that some prepositions or words need to remain in lower case. By initializing an array of prepositions and selectively making them lower case, web developers can ensure that there are no mistakes in how a title should appear.

It’s important to note that the UCWords function isn’t always going to render foreign characters correctly. While this should be fixed in the next version of PHP, thanks to the fact that multi-language support is being added, for now users of certain text encoding structures will have to create custom functions to get this to work properly. This is obviously a setback, but this will not affect the majority of web developers around the world.

UCWords has a lot of functionality to take advantage of. If you think you would like to give it a try, consider looking around for a specific tutorial with examples on coding practice.

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