How to Build Income by Writing Website Content

Almost anybody who has had any type of life experience can learn how to build a website that makes a lot of money. If you are normal human you are surely an expert in something. You may not even realize how many things you are an expert in.

To be honest most people do not understand how much knowledge that they possess. Everyone is an expert on something.

One myth of website building is that you have to be smart or have worked with computers. What they do not know is that you do not need to know anything about computers because you can build a website with a web site builder.

The first step to making your own website is choosing what website builder you want to use to make the site. There is a wealth of them on the internet.

Some site builders are totally free while others cost thousands of dollars. So What do you do with all these options?

I have set up several websites with several different software programs. The ones I have had the most success with have been expensive, but well worth the money.

Free web site builders are essentially traps that offer you no potential to earn money. They bait you in with a free package that can not do anything.

With the majority of these paid builders out there you have free versions you can use to test things out. They allow you to get a feel for that companies software.

Even after upgrading these services barely get better. In short do not use any of the free versions or upgrade a free version.

I think most beginners should go with a all in one business website builder. They are hard to find, but they give you the most for your money.

The builders that you do find on the internet that are all in one packages are the ones you need to invest in. They can really help you earn money.

The first thing you will want to start doing is writing content. Create a site map then start writing organized content.

There is a lot that goes into writing content so I am not going to get into that subject. However, if you are an expert in the niche you choose you should have no problem writing quality content.

It should take you around a month to build about one hundred pages. You need to write all your content before trying to build traffic.

Once the site is complete it is time to start building traffic. This is no simple subject.

There is a lot that goes into building traffic to your website.

First you need to realize that there are several different forms of traffic. You have traffic from search engines, traffic from directories, social bookmarking sites, return visitors, and much more.

It is crucial to know which form of traffic makes the most money. Each form of traffic is different in terms of making you money.

When you figure out what techniques product the most income you keep using them. This will earn you the most cash in the long run.

I have tested this out extensively and can tell you that search engine traffic is the best. It is free and laser targeted.

All the money you make off search engine traffic is entirely profit. There is no expenses involved.

The way you attract search engine traffic is through building links that point to your web site. Then google will index your content for the text that is enclosed in the links.

Anchor text is a term you hear alot in the SEO community. It is the text that you click on and is the top priority in determining search rankings.

That is search traffic in its simplest terms. I do not think it is appropriate to go over this anymore in this article.

The last step is earning income from the traffic you produce. This is actually the least time consuming part of the adventure

After you learn how to build a website you can earn money off of it several different ways. The easiest way in my opinion is Google Adsense.

Google will give you a javascript code to place on your web pages where you want the ads to display. When a visitor clicks on those ads you earn a commission.

It is a great low maintenance method of earning money online. You earn residual income from these ads for as long as they are posted.

When you built thousands of web pages you can basically quit all together. You will be able to do this eventually because you will earn residual income from all the pages you have ever built for the rest of your life.

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