How to fix VistaSwitcher Windows blank in the list of


We are big fans of alternative VistaSwitcher by ALT + TAB, but unfortunately a recent ruling has made almost unusable for many of us, with many Windows in white that appears in the list. Here is how to fix it with a quick configuration change.

Naturally we are confident that the excellent programmer VistaSwitcher you created will be fixing this bug soon, but has also included a feature that solves the problem and quickly you will see that it is not his fault anyway.

Open the preferences and head to the exclusions tab.From there, you’ll want to click the new button.


You’ll quickly notice something strange here: there are a lot of Windows without title, and when you expand them, you will see that each of them has the window “Internet Explorer_Hidden” class .these embedded Internet Explorer Windows are what is causing the problem.


What you’ll want to do is remove the checkbox next to “Process name” and delete that cuadro.A then give it a name such as “Hidden IE” and check the rest of settings here:


Click the OK button and close the preferencias.En this point should be noted that Windows in white are finally past VistaSwitcher.


This example is obviously just a strange in the latest IE and not an error of VistaSwitcher all change, but it is good to know how to use this feature to hide all Windows that don’t want to see.

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