How to hide your desktop icons in Windows (including a fast-track)

Thus, your Windows desktop is a complete mess – all types of files, icons, and what not, arranged in the most disorganized manner. You know how declutter your desktop but could not find the time and patience to do (don’t worry, it is not just you).

The only problem here, aside from the obvious lack of productivity all find something on the desktop, is that you don’t really want your friends, family or someone else to see your desktop’s appearance disordered and chaotic. Then, how to deal with this situation?In addition, hide the icônes.Vous get instantly an own Office!

This is a workaround solution and not a solution, it is effective nonetheless. And there may be times when you need to quickly hide your desktop icons regardless of the fact that it is or not.

We’ll talk about two ways to hide them in this article. Allows to consult.

It is not a problem this, is it? in watching an own Office without icons is is nice. Take an eye blow to my Office below (wallpaper not permanent…)(I use the desktop slideshow feature in Windows 7 to rotate wallpapers.)

hide desktop icons 1

Hide desktop icons is quite simple.Just right click anywhere on the desktop (on an icon though) and go – > see desktop icons (uncheck it).When you want to see the icons again, just repeat the process and select this option.

hide desktop icons 2

Previously, we talked of fencing, a pure desktop Windows organization tool.This tool has an option to quickly hide the icons on the desktop simply clicking double on her.

hide desktop icons 3

This can help you when you want to protect the things on your desktop looks indiscrets.Cependant, my advice would be to have never things important and confidential on the Bureau.Mieux place elsewhere, in another location on the hard disk.

So that’s how you can hide the icons on your desktop Windows.Maintenant, tell me, is that a cluttered mess and you prefer to hide the icons instead of cluttering the Office desktop? being honest.:)

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