How To Keep Your Computer Running Fast And Error Free

No one is happy when their computer fails to work properly in any way. The problem that annoys my customers more than any other is when their computers slow down. No failure is good, but a computer slow down it seems, is the worst!

When a computer slows down, there are the usual suspects. However, there is often an overlooked problem that is to blame. In this article, we will talk about these usual suspects as well as the often overlooked problem.

Spyware Is Still A Problem And So Is Registry Corruption

Malware which is otherwise known as spyware, adware, viruses and the like can cause a computer to act strangely while becoming very slow. By now most people know about this problem and so they have their computer protected with some type of virus or spyware scanner. If anyone doesn’t have a spyware/virus cleaner installed on their computer, they are playing with fire because these parasites can be harmful to both a computer and a person’s private records.

In the last couple of years, registry corruption has become a very big problem for PC owners. Windows XP and Vista registries become corrupted very easily. Because of this, many people have decided to install a good registry cleaner on their computers. This is a great choice because registry corruption will cause a computer to be slow and error prone.

It is possible for a computer to be spyware/virus free as well as free of registry corruption but still be slow. It used to be when I found a problem like this I would have to look for another problem and very likely it would be a big job to track it down.

Device Drivers And Computer Slowdowns

It’s often a problem of this kind will involve an outdated or unstable driver. Even if this were known in advance, finding a replacement and installing it takes time and effort and to the customer, this comes with a cost.

Enter The Driver Scanner

However, there is great news! As outdated and sub-par drivers have become a major concern in the computing field, driver scanners are now available. They take all the long hard work out of locating a problem driver and then they locate a good replacement for it.

So, installing a driver scanner on your computer is another weapon you now have to keep your computer running at top speed for many years to come. This will eliminate the need to pay guys like me to deal with any problems you may run into caused by poorly functioning device drivers.

You’ve learned a lot about getting your computers speed back and a new tool called a driver scanner. Now find out how to get a free driver scan to see if your computer has any of these formerly difficult to track down problems!

How You Can Detect Viruses and Spyware

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