How to run different Internet Explorer Versions (including IE 9 beta) simultaneous

Yesterday, we learned how we run applications desktop browser, without installing on the computer. Today, we will use it to run different versions of Internet Explorer on the same computer.

I had not tested most recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 9 beta) yet, so I decided to use the spoon to give it a whack of feu.De this way, I didn’t uninstall IE 8.

Thus, assuming that you followed the steps to install the plugin Spoon mentioned in our previous article, we will go directly to the App library of Spoon.

1. Click on “Browsers” in the library of the APP.

spoon apps

2. Within the framework of the Spoon browser sandbox, you’ll find miniature greats of different versions of Internet Explorer. Click on one that says Internet Explorer 9 beta.

spoon IE sandbox

He headed the beginning pet now APP page, click Start now.

run internet explorer 9 beta

4 Once more, as you saw yesterday, he begin buffering that indicates that the application is started.

IE 9 getting started

5 And, after a few moments of buffering and all, I have version 9 Beta IE works.As see you in the screenshot below, I run IE 9 beta and IE 8 simultaneously without any inconvenience.

different internet explorer versions running together

In the case where you face a problem in obtaining IE 9 beta has begun, and opens at the first go, you could type spoon in your initial search bar and click sable.Il tray Manager should start after do so you.

spoon sandbox manager

Similarly, you can also run different versions of chrome and Firefox to spoon.

Thus, you get a chance to try this tool yet? if yes, what are the applications you run using it? what has been your experience? tell us in comments.

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