How to Transfer Large Files Over the Internet

For media creators who would like to expand their businesses into global markets, the ability to transfer large files over the internet is a necessary skill. When one can deliver gig sized data files over oceans online then geography becomes unimportant and no longer hinders your business’s growth.

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While transferring large files is certainly not a novel idea, there are different methods used by producers video editors and a quick run down of the best methods is in order.

1. File Transfer Protocol, better know as FTP, is a widely used means to send files over the internet. With FTP software, users can access password protected folders on websites and download the contents of that folder or upload new data. Since there are no limits to gig sizes for downloading, aside from limits of the server itself, this method is one of the most used.

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2. Make links to large files if you have access to a server by uploading files which can be downloaded by right clicking. In order to provide a link to a file called in a folder called videos on your site your link would be http//

3. Peer to Peer software or P2P does not involve uploading and instead allows the delivery of files between two personal computers. Participants need to install the same P2P software. The software allows file downloading and no links are exchanged between users.

4. SaaS, or Software as a Service, is when a site offers users access to an application which allows the transfer of files between its members. Users can upload files of a certain size and a link is created to allow downloading of the files. For a subscription fee, these services also allow the uploading and downloading of very large and multiple files.

By using any of the above methods, geography will no longer be a limitation to your business. Conquering geography in this manner will allow you to work with clients all over the world as easily as those in your own town.

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  1. Ben says:

    I use – it is simple to use and you can sign up for a free account at You can send files up to 2GB on other plans too.

  2. techguru says:

    If you really need to transfer huge files then install 123Go v2.5 from and start transferring very large files upto single file of 16000GB, with a resume feature which you can do at your own convenience. This is in fact very useful program for all those who need to transfer large files.

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