How to Use a Proxy for Safe, Anonymous Web Surfing

Before we learn how to use a proxy, we need to know what a proxy is all about. Proxy is nothing but a server, an application or a system, in the computer networks, which processes the clients request and forwards it to the specified server. When we are connected to a proxy server, we can send a request for a web page, file, connection or any of these resources available in other servers.

So then, how to do we use a proxy? It’s quite easy. A proxy server comes in a numeric format, like A proxy server allows you to hide the IP from the recently visited site. It acts as a middleman; where IP stands for Internet Protocol. Then with the means of a computer, your request for a web page will be carried forward to that particular web site from your end and you will get to see the page right on the screen of your PC. That’s how to use proxy server.

All the major web browsers allow the use of proxies including Internet Explores, Firefox and many more.

It’s always better to learn how to use a proxy as it is one of the safest ways to surf the net. Once you’ve learned how to use a proxy, you can maintain anonymity while browsing online. You can hide your identity and you can also bypass the firewall of an ISP and have quick access to sites that have been blocked.

Also, you need to know two different types of proxies and how to use a proxy of every type.  Along with the types, you’ll need to learn how to use a proxy in the most appropriate way. Remember, when you learn how to use a proxy, you should also concentrate on finding the right proxy to use.

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    Thank you for the easy to understand explanation. I found it clear and concise. Perfectly illustrated!

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