How to use checkboxes property to select items in Windows 7 Explorer

You know that if you need to select multiple files or folders in Windows Explorer then the best way to do it is by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on these points to the right.

In addition, this method is ok, except that many times we tend to take our fingers off the coast of the CTRL or elsewhere on the screen, click on error, and all our selected files get selected, which, obviously, is frustrating.

Windows 7 users may try an alternative .c ‘ is a simple but cool feature and may have to be very useful for trop.Oui, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, I spoke to the check boxes to select items in Windows Explorer.

Let’s see how we can enable this functionality.

1. Open the Windows Explorer by typing Explorer taskbar départ.Vous research also can do this by opening documents, work, or any other such file navigation interface that uses the Windows Explorer.

windows explorer checkboxes 1

2. In the top navigation bar, click on organize – > folder and search options.

windows explorer checkboxes 2

3 On folder and search options window, click the view tab on the top, scroll the advanced settings pane (where see you all sorts of checkboxes) and check the box which says “use boxes to select items.”Then, click OK.

windows explorer checkboxes 3

4. You can now whenever you move the cursor of the mouse on a file or folder in Windows Explorer, it automatically generates a checkbox to help you select.

windows explorer checkboxes 4

Hope that the above method helps you become more productive while using your Windows 7 PC.

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