How to use footnotes in Word

A footnote is a note that appears at the bottom of a page that is used by the writers to quote another publication authors in your document. We’ll show you how to manage footnotes in Word.

To insert a footnote place the mouse in the document where you want to place the footnote page and click the “Insert footnote” button in the ‘Reference’ tab.


Word automatically assigns a number and a separator line at the bottom of the page when you insert a footer note.


Each footer note will be marked as a superscript to each point of reference in the document number.


Position the cursor for a few seconds on each footnote reference mark see footnote on page or click on the button “Next note the walk” on the reference tab to displace a footer.


How to insert custom footer note format by clicking on the small arrow on the reference tab icon.


Our footnotes may have different special characters and number format.


We can even convert our notes the footnotes to endnotes by clicking the radio of notes in the “Location” section.


Microsoft Word maintains a list of footnotes in a document as a list of ‘cross-reference’.

cross-reference section

We can reuse each footer note anywhere else in the document.


This is how to create footnotes in Microsoft supposed Word.Por, footnote is only one of the styles that references that Word admite.También we can create a bibliography with all reference type style.

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