Laptop Computer Buyers Guide

For many computer buyers, there’s an important decision to be made. Should I buy a traditional desktop computer or would a laptop computer better suit my needs?

One thing you don’t have to worry about is the capabilities of laptop computers. Laptops, also known as notebook computers (or just notebooks), can do all of the same things that you’ve become accustomed to doing on a computer, only they are smaller and more convenient.

One of the major advantages of a laptop is the ability to run it off of battery power. Which means you can take the laptop from the home office to the kitchen, and to the back patio without missing a beat.

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With the new advances in laptop technology, the laptops are becoming smaller and smaller. In fact, there are ultra small notebook computers complete with 40gb hard drives, that weigh less than a pound, and offer 3-4 hour battery lives. Also you’ll find that it’s quite acceptable and in many cases stylish to sport your laptop around town.

Just like any other type of computer purchase that you make, you will need to decide exactly what it is that you will be doing with your computer. Deciding on your needs, whether they are business, personal, academic, or whatever will help you make the best decision.

Start with a list of specifications and requirements, and then start your search for the perfect computer for you. What you’ll find is that the market is full of quality computers. Gone are the days where computers would only be built to last a year or two. Most manufacturers create quality computers that can last for a decade.

There are many large electronic stores like Compusa, Best Buy, Fry’s and Circuit City which carry dozens of models of computers. You’ll be able to ask any questions you might have, and actually put your hands on the computers you’re considering. Just try not to buy the first computer you see, because you’ll feel better when you have fully researched your choices.

Buying a laptop can be an expensive proposition, but the homework you’ve completed will make it all worthwhile.

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