Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting – What's The Difference?

linux-vs-windowsIn just about any industry there are always huge debates regarding different products and services. It is exactly the same in the web hosting industry. The debate is simple, which operating system makes a better server: Windows or Linux? There are dozens of differences between Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. Understanding the differences and taking time to consider them will help you make the right decision concerning your web hosting package.

Linux hosting has, for some time now, been the most popular choice for hosting websites. It is traditionally viewed as the most stable, reliable and efficient operating system for servers, though Windows hosting has begun to make a lot of progress in this area. Both systems have specific advantages and drawbacks that should help determine which server OS you eventually choose.

The most obvious benefit of Linux hosting is the price. Because it is an open source operating system, it is free to the public which makes it the more affordable option. Many of the most popular applications used in web development are also open source, such as PHP, MySQL, and Python, and these programs run especially well on a Linux machine.

Windows hosting, on the other hand, costs more because of its proprietary nature, but it allows you to host any kind of application on the same server. You could use an ASP.Net application backed up by an MS-SQL database behind it, and simultaneously host a PHP blog with a MySQL database to power it on the same server.

Windows hosting started off with a smaller user base, but it continues to grow in popularity. Despite being the more expensive option, many users are choosing it for its familiar interface and compatibility with other Microsoft products. If your site is going to use ASP or .Net applications, a Windows server is the only way to go.

Both Linux hosting and Windows hosting platforms continue to grow and evolve, and they are becoming more advanced and more convenient to use. At the same time, they are becoming more specialized in how they can be most effectively used.

Since both the Linux hosting and Windows hosting platforms are still growing and evolving, they are both becoming more advanced and more user friendly. One the other hand, each of them are starting to become more specialized in how they are meant to be used.

Linux development is an ongoing process by a huge community of users. Some people have been hesitant in the past to use an open source operating system because of a perceived lack of support, but now, thanks to the growing community of Linux developers, a user can quickly and easily find the help and support they need, or an application for almost any situation.

Are you confused about the extreme differences between Linux hosting & Windows hosting? Don’t worry your little heart, most people are! I am hoping that now you can make an educated decision on which one is right for you.

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