Make Organizing Your Gmail Fun

For most of us, organizing an email inbox is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. But, in Mary Poppins-like fashion, a new service called 0Boxer is finding the fun in this everyday, ordinary task by turning it into a game.


The game itself is simple: you earn tasks by clearing your Gmail inbox. Every time you delete an email, you earn a point. Mark an email as spam and 0Boxer tallies another point. Archive a message and—you guessed it—yet another point added to your overall total. Besides clearing messages from view, you also earn points for composing and replying to messages.


Points have a purpose—the game keeps a running leader board showing the overall highest points earners for the day and week. Everyone registered for the service competes for a place on the leader board.


The overall leader boards might look intimidating—one person has deleted over 71,500 posts in the last week. If you do not receive enough emails to earn enough points to make this leader board, you can still compete for the title of most organized inbox amongst your friends.

After signing up for the service, it searches your Gmail inbox to find friends already registered with 0Boxer. Plus, you can send your friends an invitation to join at any time.


As a constant incentive, 0Boxer adds a toolbar to your Gmail web-based inbox. Instantly, each deleted, spammed or archived email shows in your points tally.

boxer bar

As an added inventive, certain activities result in special badges of honor. Everyone receives a badge for the first email they clear from their inbox, but other badges are awarded for reaching a 0 message inbox for the first time, or topping the leader board.


To use the service, you must sign up on the Web site, and then download a browser extension. Extensions are available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. 0Boxer also works with Mac-based MailPlane.


For sure, the idea of making organizing email more fun is a fantastic idea. The overall concept of 0Boxer can create fun contests among friends. Since the service is still in Beta, we can only hope more fun things are in store for 0Boxer users.

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