Make your PC run faster just by using your keyboard “secrets”.

Believe it or not the slowest thing on your computer is not always your Hard drive, sometimes it’s you! And more specifically, you, using your mouse! In fact, the series of movements that you need just to open a file, per say, can really slow you down even if you have set the cursor on top speed!

If you really want to enhance and improve your computer experience, as well as make your work more quickly and efficiently, learn the keyboard shortcuts that follow and you will very soon see your Windows speed get a mini “makeover”.

ctrl + c, ctrl + v, ctrl + x:   Copy , cut , paste

To copy any text or any file, no need to even click on the icon with the two leaflets , or right click – > copy .

Mark the text or file / folder you want to copy, then press simultaneously ctrl + c ( the “copy”).

To paste the text press simultaneously ctrl + v

If you want to cut instead of copy, press ctrl + x.

All three buttons c, v, x are strategically placed next to one another to complete this whole process with one hand.

Alt + Tab / ctrl + tab: Switch between open applications / browser tabs

If we have two applications open and want to often go from one to the other, the quickest way is the alt + tab. If, for example, you are doing an online translation, alt + tab swaps directly between the site and the word doc. that we have open.

Holding down alt and pressing repeatedly tab, we can go through all applications that are at that point open in the taskbar.

win + l: Lock your computer

This is for those of you who do not like prying eyes! If you want your screen content hidden from, let’s say your colleagues, simply click on the windows button + l (the lock). This will automatically lock the computer screen, and you need to give your password in order for it to unlock.

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