McAfee Software Benefits You Should Check Out

mcafee_logo_1As one of the world’s top computer security companies, McAfee has many types of programs available. McAfee software programs are beneficial for a variety of reasons. It helps to see these reasons as to why these various programs are so useful.

The first reason why McAfee software is popular comes from the many options the company has. Viruses and other harmful items can be detected with VirusScan Plus. Internet Security protects computers from dangerous online items like spyware and phishing processes. For users with children, the Family Protection program can be beneficial. McAfee also offers an Online Backup program that protects materials through backup processes.

The Active Protection feature that McAfee programs have is great to see. This is a program that is used to help with providing continuous computer protection. All updates that a program needs will be gathered automatically.  All virus definitions and other definitions will be downloaded automatically. These updates can be downloaded through a background process that will not impact the computer’s performance.

Parental controls are available for all programs that McAfee offers. These controls work to help with getting parents to control what their kids do on a computer. This includes putting blocks on certain websites. It can be very easy to block websites by certain categories or by certain domain names.

Many programs also offer the convenient SiteAdvisor feature. This works to help with finding websites that may be harmful. It uses color coded alerts to find which websites have the greatest security risks. It can even prevent users from clicking on any links or attachments that may be dangerous. This is especially useful for people with children that  use computers to find things online.

It is very convenient for a user to be able to use McAfee software on multiple computers. Each program works with an account management system that a user can access online. This can help to get different computers to be added to one’s subscriptions for different McAfee programs.

McAfee software is great to check out for all sorts of reasons. These programs are ones that can come in a variety of forms for different needs. They are also always being updated. The programs can also work on many computers owned by the same subscriber. These features make these programs very useful for your computer security needs.

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  1. dvr says:

    I have not used their software, may be i should try at some time

  2. dvr says:

    I have not used their software, may be i should try at some time

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