Microsoft Office Too Expensive? There Are Other Options

Sticker shock can be brutal when looking at the price of Microsoft Office. When the professional version can go for over $400 and the software is an essential piece of productivity, you might think you have no other alternatives.

Rather than paying Microsoft’s rather hefty fees, you might be more interested in looking at some of the alternatives that are out there.

One very reasonably priced alternative to Microsoft Office is Microsoft’s own Works. This is basically a stripped down version of the more robust Microsoft Office. However, Works usually does about almost everything the typical office user might need, and in most cases would be perfectly sufficient. What Microsoft does with Works is usually use an older version of it’s products and put in Works, so unless you need the newest whizbang features, you’ll most likely find the product to be just what you need.

Another excellent alternative would be Open Office. It’s a freeware version of Office created by developers as Open Source. What that means is that the programming done on Open Office is done out in the open by developers around the world.

Open Office is an excellent alternative. It offers compatible Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access programs. So, rather than being tied to Microsoft for their increasingly expensive software, you can use Open Office for free. It’s free no matter for how many computers you install it on. I found that it’s very compatible with Microsoft Office. The documents I create in Open Office, open fine in Microsoft Office, and vice versa. Probably the least compatible would be the database parts, as Access is a little finicky.

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Google Documents is gaining a lot of headway. It’s a completely unique way to create documents that is completely internet based. And it also is completely free. Although there’s no database equivalent in Google Documents, you can create Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents right in Google.

Many users like the fact that while using Google Documents all of your documents are web based, which means that you’re protected from data loss on your personal computer. After losing years of work in 10 seconds when a hard drive went bad, I feel more comfortable that Google with it’s backups is a lot more likely to be able to preserve my documents.

Google documents is very workplace friendly. It allows you to easily share documents with your coworkers. If you’re working on the same projects, you can collaborate very easily by using the same documents.

You can create compatible documents using multiple alternative sources. Even though Microsoft Office is the leader, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all that money to get your office productivity done.

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  1. I like OpenOffice as an alternative, but I wouldn’t touch Works. It’s not compatible with anything, not even other Microsoft products – ugh. Google Docs are interesting, but most organizations and people ren’t going to want to put their data out on the Internet on servers they don’t control. I’d stick with OpenOffice or the new IBM Symphony suite, which is based on a slightly older version of OpenOffice and is also completely free (it even ships with Lotus Notes 8 or can be downloaded.) It has a much nice interface than OO (courtesy of IBM.)

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