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Mobile technologies are more than just dual-action processors that help your computer run faster and more efficiently. It also refers to mobile technology, such as pocket PCs, Smartphones and PDAs.

Take for example mobile technologies. In one instance it is referring to a dual-action processor found in many desktop computers and laptops. In this example, it refers to the use of mobile technology, such as PDAs, pocket PCs and Smartphones. The use of these technologies is increasing every day as more people crave the latest gadgets on the market.

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There is especially one great piece of mobile technology that you need to check out is the HP iPAQ Pocket PC HX4700. This is the top of the line model, as far as mobile technologies go, and has received fantastic reviews from both users and the editorial staff of CNET. You can find these reviews at and take a look at the 7.9 and 7.3 reviews. The website gives insight to new gadgets so you can compare, side to side, with other hand held devices.

The four inch screen is unbelievable with its color pixels and it features a replaceable battery to ensure that documents and other information are not lost when the battery dies. It also features a large quantity of memory and is equipped with Outlook, Word, Excel and Internet Explorer.

So if there is a downside to the HX4700, then it’s all in size. It is a bit bulky, but is still a very sleek pocket PC. There is a small handicap present when the user first operates the new touchpad and this can translate into poor gaming, for those that use their pocket PC for gaming in particular. If you are in the market for a pocket PC for gaming purposes, then you may want to turn to Dell’s Axim.

There are plenty of mobile technologies out there when it comes time to make your decision on which model and series to buy. Do not let price be the only determining factor in your decision.

There are other mobile technologies on the market today that can be bought for far less than the HX4700’s price tag. However, few can match its performance power. One of its chief competitors is Apple’s new iPhone, which users have fallen in love with for its extra capabilities, such as the use of an iPod and a gaming Smartphone. Whatever you decide is up to your own unique preferences and your own personal needs.

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