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Each day it gets harder and harder to get good protection for your computer. I can’t tell you enough not to leave you’re anti-virus programs down for one second. Even big corporate Internet companies have found, on several occasions, its own systems compromised.

In the good old days, life was simpler in terms of computer viruses. The simple ability to catch and eradicate the virus was easier because a virus could only be transmitted to a floppy disk.


The virus took quite a while before it was able to infect a computer and slow down the system. Before viruses caused to much damage, the anti-virus software of that time was very effective to identify and kill the viruses.

Computer users in those days were pretty confident on how to protect themselves. They just had to scan all of their floppy disks before copying them to the desktop.

Then the Internet came which provided a channel for Internet viruses to move from host to host with tremendous speed . The internet user had to worry about e-mail, e-mail attachments, peer to peer file sharing, instant messaging and software downloads.

Viruses of today will take full advantage of vulnerabilities within the system or program. Without any human intervention, they attack your PC through multiple entry points. The potential of new threats increases with new technology advancing every day.

Using a online virus cleaner to protect your computer

Fortunately, anti-virus software companies are keeping pace with current virus threats which is essential for keep your computer virus free and free of other malicious software.  They are designed to protect your hard drive from adware, spyware and other viruses that entered through e-mail or other Internet ways. These virus scans offer a centralized control feature that handle use, configuration and updating.

You should remain careful against the threat of a virus by just following a few simple steps.

1.  Evaluate your current computer security system. You need to be confident that you have protected all aspects of your computer system from the desktop to the network.

2. Only install anti-virus software created by a well-known, reputable companies. Update your anti-virus software regularly which will protect your system automatically each time you start  your computer.

3. Always scan all new programs or files you download.


4.  Take caution when opening received documents during an online chat or email.

5.  Backup your system regularly.

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