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Have you noticed how SPAMmers miraculously always seem to know what you’re interested in or what you’re purchasing so that they flood your inbox with “unbelievable” offers regarding the same if you don’t have anti spyware? Have you ever noticed how, just at the right time you suddenly receive an email which is advertising say, cars, just after you’ve sold your car on the internet?

How does this happen? If it is creeping you out, let me tell you that there is no cause for alarm. The not so secret weapon that these Spammers have on their side is Spyware and Adware. Yes, that’s right. They’re watching your computer and internet activity and sending you emails accordingly so that you get tempted to accept their tantalizing offers! And you can fight it with anti spyware.

What is Spyware?

These are nothing but computer programs which come as a free package with water you download online! Now what they do once inside your computer is evident from the name given to them – they Spy on your activities! They track down wherever you go online, whichever sites you visit etc.

Now these programs have what is known as embedded tracking programs to report this activity to the Spyware agent, who in turn goes on to supply this information to advertisers and web developers. Now, with this information in their hands, these web developers or even the government can feed your computer with loads of information, even without your knowledge! Scary thought, Right? Adware is similar to Spyware, but relatively harmless, they are basically free pop ups which open up when you access a website or a program.

What Can You Do?

Well, we can’t have spyware and adware making our virtual lives hell, can we? Therefore, we must take sufficient precautionary measures – read: anti spyware-to ensure that our computer is protected. What are these precautionary measures I’m talking about? I’m talking about using Antivirus! It is one of the basic principles of using the internet but you will be surprised at how many people haven’t invested in a good Antivirus program!

Take your pick from the following Antiviruses. They are pretty much the best in the business.

MacAfee: This software has been providing comprehensive solutions to viruses since the year 1987 and you can find solutions for both home use and business use PCs. In fact, their versatile programs can take care of just about anything- spyware, adware and of course, viruses.

Norton Internet Security 2011: This program, offered by Symantec gives you holistic protection from various threats you are likely to find online. Apart from Anti-spyware and anti-virus programs, there is also an anti-rootkit program, smart firewall monitoring in addition to parental controls so you can keep your young ones out of trouble!

Ad-Adware Free Internet Security: This has the best of both worlds – Lavasoft’s breakthrough anti-spyware technology and of course, a traditional ant virus program which will help you keep clear of anti viruses. What is more, you can enjoy complete protection against malware, without your system slowing down!

What are you waiting for? Get a good Anti spyware program today!

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  1. Chris Barker says:

    Indeed, these hackers and spammers are annoying. Good thing that there are lots of companies who are developing antivirus and antispyware software to protect our computers and other gadgets from being infected.

    Thanks for all the added info.

  2. admin says:

    Can’t agree with you more Chris. Thanks for the comment!

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