Protect Your Computer with a Firewall

A firewall should be installed on your computer given the rise in numbers of computer hackers, scammers and viruses around the Internet. Defense from malicious data harming your computer is provided by a firewall. Dangerous attacks to your computer can negatively impact you but these can be avoided with firewall protection.

You first need to determine what kind of firewall you need for your computer as there are many available including some from major corporations such as Microsoft. A computer that came installed with the Microsoft XP or Vista operating system is likely to have a firewall already set up and ready to use. Check that it’s turned on and working properly. Purchase your own software if you don’t have one of these newer operating systems. The XP version hasn’t had great reviews so you may still want to buy a separate firewall software if you have Microsoft XP.

You can either visit a store that sells computer software or download a firewall product through the Internet – the most popular products available are Norton, AVG and McAfee. Prices vary depending on sophistication of the software, but there are also plenty of low cost versions available, even from the big name companies. You need to consider a few things prior to installing your firewall. These programs can block certain functions that you need so you need to configure it to allow those programs such as file and printer sharing. Settings can be configured during installation or at a later date using the documentation provided.

Firewalls tend to stop you from going to certain parts of the Internet as well. You should be aware how you connect to your computer as this may happen if you use a local area network or a router. When you have your firewall in place, secured networks in particular are difficult to access. A PC linked to a company network may require specific settings configuration to allow you to connect a firewall to them and the company’s IT department should be able to advise you with this.

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  2. schoolgal says:

    If you need an all in one solution that I would look at something like unified threat managment also known as a UTM.Cyberoam firewall is the only UTM firewall that embeds user identity in firewall rule matching criteria, enabling enterprises to configure policies and identify users directly by the username rather than through IP addresses. Cyberoam’s powerful hardware firewall provides stateful and deep packet inspection, access control, user authentication, network and application-level protection.

    The ICSA-certified Cyberoam firewall is available along with VPN, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content filtering, bandwidth management and multiple link management, providing comprehensive security to small, medium and large enterprises, including remote and branch offices. Cyberoam is a Check Mark Level 5 certified UTM solution.

    Key Features

    1.Stateful Inspection Firewall
    2.Centralized management for multiple security features
    3.Embeds user identity in rule-matching criteria
    4.Multiple zone security
    5.Granular IM, P2P controls
    6.ICSA certified

  3. Lisa Marie says:

    You first need to determine what kind of firewall you need for your computer as there are many available including some from major corporations such as Microsoft.

  4. WebBanshee says:

    If you do not want to spend any money you can use the free comodo version.It makes it's job well and is reliable.A firewall helps with it's alerts and learning mode (if it has one, i do not speak of the XP one, you are right there are better ones) to understand what happens, which programs use which processes and connection over and over.After a while you can make yourself a good picture what is happening on your PC.And of course the biggest value is that you are protected.Not bulletproof, but remarkable more than without a firewall.


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