Regular maintenance of PC can solve annoying problems many

Regular maintenance of PC is as important as cleaning your garage or go to the gym. Nobody wants to put the effort to properly maintain your garage or your computer. Although it is an oxymoron, you have to think about the team as an electronic body. You need food, and should be cleaned properly in order run like that. only the good thing about most common PC maintenance is quiet most of the tasks you can so you don’t have to remember to control them.

Keep a copy

The most important thing for you in the course of regular maintenance of PC is the backup of your files.This should be done on a basis diaria.Imagínese if your computer crashed, and lost all its files. Without a backup, there is little to no chance of recovering them.

With Windows XP, it is easy to make backup of the most vital files during regular maintenance of all PC.Prácticamente is located within ‘ C: / documents and folder settings. This means that all you have to do is zip that folder and burn to a disc for safekeeping. Of course, you can purchase a program that will do for you, eliminating the need for this task in particular in regular computer maintenance.

Analysis procedures

It must then do regular scans and updates as part of its maintenance regular PC. To do this once a week is the best. If you don’t already have an antivirus program, go out and get one before you begin regular computer maintenance. Without one, it is vulnerable to the virus blocking system. So, go get one before they experience this discomfort!

Naturally, the antivirus program is useless if not actualizarlo.Por generally can be set to analyze and update automatically without any effort from you either. Course, also must update the Windows software quite often as part of your regular maintenance of PC. This will help keep the Windows operating system running smoothly. Also corrects any previous mistakes and failures that are inherent in most programs. Windows updates also helps fill in any holes that may have their software antivirus and firewall.

Internal cleaning

Once a month, as part of its maintenance regular PC, do a disk run cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. Doing so will help you keep your computer running smoothly and quickly. Best of all, it is not very difficult. All you have to do is click on a couple of things and leave your computer working while sleeping and some errands. Could I knew the regular maintenance of PC be so easy?

To perform any of these, you must first stop all programs running in the background. Things as instant messaging or download managers programs prohibit scanners do what they must hacer.Una time that are closed to them, the next step to this piece of regular computer maintenance is to go into ‘My computer’ and click on the C: drive / unit disco.A then go to ‘Properties’ and in the new window, click the “Tools” tab.There are two programs you need to use: disk cleanup and Disk Defragmenter.It is advisable to run first disk cleanup.This will determine if there are bad sectors on your hard disk.Don’t be surprised if there is.Over time, hardware may grow old and things like this happen.Once the disk scan, do a disk desfragmentar.Un disk defragment will consolidate fragmented files and keep your PC running faster, that can accelerate the process of regular computer maintenance.

Registry cleanup

Another thing you should do as part of its maintenance regular PC is to analyze and copies of quite often, the Windows registry.Registration is a database of files that log certain preferences within programs and several usuarios.Desea keep her happy record and healthy for regular maintenance of PC.Usted can buy software that scans and automatically makes a backup copy for you for what you’re covered should you ever find an accidente.Haga some research so you can find one that more you convenga.Si you’re better with computers, then you can probably do it for you care mismo.Tenga, however, since you can really screw thing during its regular maintenance of PC.

Hopefully now you can see just how regular computer maintenance can solve many problemas.No is so difficult in its largest parte.Es long time, but it is also incredibly importante.Pruebe and get yourself on a regular computer maintenance routine to help make it easier for you.

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