Simple ways to speed up your computer


First of all you must perform an error checking on the Hard Disc. Choose My computer, right click on the disc that you want to check and choose Properties. Choose Tools kai under Error checking choose Check now. Then select both boxes.

You should also defragment the Hard Disc. After selecting My computer, right click on the disc you wish to check and go to Properties. Select Tools and under Defragment select Defragment now.

Clean up your PC from useless files that stall the operation of your computer. Press Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System tools ->Disk Cleanup.  Choose the type of files you wish to delete and press OK.

Ban programs that are running and are not necessary. Press Start ->(Run). Type msconfig and press ΟΚ. In the new window press Startup. There you will which programs start along with Windows.  Deselect those programs you believe that they are not necessary and press ΟΚ.

5. Clean up your registry from unwanted or false entries. You can use a registry repair program. Many such programs are offered free of charge.

6. Check your computer for viruses and spyware.

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