Six Features That Makes Windows 7 Mobile Experience New

Of late, you will come across many cell phones whose operating system is windows. Just to add some more spice, windows has hinted of the coming windows 7 for cell phones which will have more features.

This great stride by windows will see the software manufacturer gather a stronger grip on the phone software sector. That is alongside other outstanding user experiences in the line of Xbox live games. For music videos, the Zune is also making its name to provide music for the windows 7 mobile phone. windows 7 mobile

The OS makes it simpler to do searches using phones since with the press of one button; you will connect to bing in a more special manner.

This button will bring results more efficiently as the results brought are more relevant to the user. Within this operating system, there are 6 crucial hubs which make it possible to commence various processes in one step.

1. People – From now one, keeping up with the latest status updates of your friends will be marble cake with windows live and the face book networks.

2. Pictures – This is a tool for enabling easy sharing of pictures you have just taken.

3. Games – You can now kill boredom with your favorite shooter games with Xbox Live through this hub. Connect with other gamers who have avatars. Can you think about the possibility of competing with an online friend to complete certain levels and keep track of the other’s achievements?

4. Music and video – Music lovers can now give each other hits as to what latest track they want their friends to hear. The phone has a highway into Zune social or to another PC.

5. Marketplace – Applications you use frequently can be channeled through this.

6. Office – There is a one stop center for doing all that pertains to Microsoft office.

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