Take a Sneak Peek at Windows 8.

Microsoft previewed Windows 8 at the All Things Digital conference in California. Windows 8, as it is being called for now, greatly resembled Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system. The fun looking, brightly colored boxes containing popular applications and bits of useful information will have Windows Phone 7 users feeling like they’re still on their smartphones. Microsoft has packed in all those things that made Windows what it is today along with some apps geared toward keeping us connected to our social media.

The OS is being designed for standard personal computers like desktops and laptops but it is also being deployed on tablets PCs as well. This appears like Microsoft’s attempt to grab some of the tablet market. The application or action boxes almost scream out to be tapped and swiped rather than double-clicked, making this a nice OS for touchscreen tablets.

Windows 8
Microsoft will ask application developers to start designing apps for the new OS. It’s always exciting to see what kind of apps the creative minds can churn out for a new release like this. If you have those favorite programs that you love to run or need for work, have no fear, Microsoft will make sure all those things run on Windows 8. If you feel the need to send a tweet while creating an Excel spreadsheet, that will be no problem.

The new version is still under development and there is no current release date but that doesn’t stop the speculation that Windows 8, or whatever they decide to name it, will be released next year. No matter when it is released, proponents will hail it the next big thing in personal computing and detractors will certainly see it as an attempt to copy Apple and follow them into the tablet market.

You will get you chance to have your say but probably not for a year or so until it’s released. Until then, we will do our best to keep you updated on any developments or previews available.

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