The 5 most common Myths about Protecting your Computer from Viruses

The 5 most common Myths about Protecting your Computer

Viruses are a big problem for computer users. Every month thousands of computers, get damaged or destroyed due to virus infections. The main reason is that
the current viruses are completely different than the form that had a year ago.

What is important is to understand that we can not fight the new viruses with old tactics, but many users do not even understand these changes in the form of current viruses.

Top 5 common myths are:

1. Only files ending in. Exe (executable that can run themselves) may be contaminated with virus. This is completely absurd because there are hundreds of file extensions that can be infected by viruses.

2. I have more than one protection program on my computer. Make sure you have a single program and can run normally receive regular updates and expired.

3. I understand when my computer has a virus. This was actually up to 10 years ago, now that virus writers have created ways to prevent visible signs of infection.

4. A virus can not harm my computer hardware. Like I said before the purpose of the virus has now changed and not just confined to “slow your computer” instead there are certain viruses which are made solely to challenge the hardware of computers and the most frequent target of these are the hard disks.

5. My computer has antivirus installed so they are fully protected. This is totally outdated myth and was only true on old antivirus programs. Today, the worms, the hoax, the backdoors of trojans and many other forms of contamination are made to fool even the best antivirus software on the market, especially when having to deal with many types of infections simultaneously. It is very important to have a properly installed antivirus program that is effective and updated on a daily basis.

It is time to realize that times have changed and so are viruses as well as protecting from them.

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