The biggest internet risks you don’t know about

The biggest internet risks you don’t know about

Do you believe that you are safe on the Internet and you know all the possible dangers may lurk in the digital world? This article will show you which are the dangers that a user can face while browsing the internet and how you can be safe on the internet.

Malicious software

The most common form of network attack is the malicious software. What is a malicious software? It is a program that automatically installs on a computer and causes damage to the files by circumventing the security software which protects them, using several “tricks” known as technical stealth. It can also cause no immediate response when trying use an application or even use the Windows, so your computer might appear to be frozen in a sense or unresponsive. Moreover, malicious software can install misleading ads, which appear as popups.


The phishing is a very regular type of attack, which is achieved through fake e- mail messages and misleading web sites. The aim of the attack is to steal credit card numbers, and therefore the theft of money or personal items. The development and spread of social networks, such as facebook or twitter, enables the publicity of user’s personal information and as a result gives the opportunity to these hacking programs intercepting an e- mail address or even your identity. Identity theft has two forms. The first one is about stealing the entire account. In this case, the attacker gains access to the victim’s account and does not allow him sign in and administer the account ( for example, identity theft on Facebook). In the second form, the attacker can copy the user’s personal information such as name, telephone number or identity card and use it instead of him.


Another really important and dangerous type of network attack can be achieved through rootkits programs. In this instance, the computer has to confront a combination of hacking programs that are installed in a misleading way in order to have the complete control of the computer. This means that after gaining full access via rootkits, the attacker has the ability to accomplish any action he wants, even to share the desktop or see which pages are visited at that moment.

So, it is important to emphasize in the fact that we should all try to protect our computers and ourselves and try to avoid any possible threat through network. Our priority must be user’s safety and our web page can help you reach that goal.

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