The Difference Between Duplication & Replication

marrying man the download The term duplication is often confused with replication. Both are very different methods for producing duplicated CD or DVD media. Duplication is usually used and more cost effective when you have smaller amount of discs to produce. Replication is usually used for quantities of 1000 or more because of the glass mastering process involved.

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Replication differs from duplication in that the process for replication uses a glass master to produce duplicates out of molded plastic resin discs and duplication uses premade blank discs and burns the data into a dye in the disc with a laser. You can not replicate a disc from your PC but you can duplicate a disc if it’s equipped with a drive that burns discs.

Burning to a blank disc is accomplished by using a laser to bounce light of the dye in the disc moving outward as the disc spins. Spin rate or “Burn” speed of the disc is determined by the rating of the burner and the blank disc. Not all burners or discs burn at the same speeds.

Almost all DVD burners are dual purpose and will burn a CD or DVD disc. Discs are marked as CD-R, DVD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW. There are other varieties but the one constant in them is the R or the W. The R shows that the disc is recordable and the W shows that it is writable and can be written to numerous times. The only problem with rewritable discs is that most often they will only play in the drive that originally wrote to them. Recordable discs however will usually play on any drive they are used in.

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  1. If you are ever sending a disc to be replicated, never send a rewritable disc (CDRW) as your master. That's just asking for trouble. I work at a CD/DVD manufacturing company, and a client sent one in as their master. When we sent it out to get made into a glass master, it got written over and the data that was on it was erased.

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