The Internet: Where Your Identity Can Be Stolen

Most people don’t realize how powerful and important the Internet is. Our life can be influenced by the Internet and we can learn the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. Many movies show hackers and how the Internet is just a way to steal things. Although movies are fiction, the possibility of having things stolen from you exists.

Although many think that the Internet is a safe place, you will be surprised to notice that it involves almost all risks from real life. Many people can steal from you through the Internet. They can also gather your information, use your personal data and act in your name.

The common ways used by people to gain personal information are spam email or sites that make people subscribe for certain things. People need their personal information to subscribe, they write it there making it available for potential criminals who may use it for their own benefit.

There are some cases when web criminals will use computer technology to steal personal information. They can even find out things about your personal life or lifestyle, which will eventually help them find other important information.

A Few Things You Should Know About Cookies

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The cookie plays an important role. It is a piece of text identity in which the web server can store on a certain part of a user’s hard disk. Cookies can have information about the users’ lifestyle and some personal preferences. It can also carry some information about the sites you visited, the sent email, or even the advertisement that you clicked on.

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Thieves can use cookies to gain information about users. They can also gain personal information from cookies and use it against you.

If you want to protect yourself from such attacks, you should avoid making any transactions over the Internet. Another tip is surfing sites using a high speed broadband connection as this will help you protect yourself from potential hackers.

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