The Merits of a Desktop PC

compaq-desktop-computersThere are plenty of reasons to buy a laptop, but the only reason why you should truly buy this type of computer is if you are looking for portability as your main asset. If you don’t mind having your computer stationary, it makes much more sense to purchase a desktop, as you can get the same package you would have in a laptop for a better price, you can have a larger screen, and the desktop pc will also tend to run a little bit faster than your laptop. Portability is the laptop’s only real advantage.

If you are wondering whether or not desktop PCs are superior to laptops, they are, and in many different ways. Desktop PCs are much more powerful than laptops, and they also cost much less than comparable laptops as well.

If you have a budget to stick to, your best bet is to shop around a bit and find a desktop computer that meets your specifications. Chances are that if you compare it to a similar laptop, it will be much cheaper. Why pay more for the same thing? If you are still considering purchasing a laptop, be advised that the current trend to purchase laptop computers is based almost one hundred percent on their portability and not on their advantages over desktop computers whatsoever.

Desktop PCs tend to be much more powerful than comparable laptops, and there are many reasons for this. For one, because of their size, desktops are much more capable of speed than laptops. While speed may not be a determining factor, it will be down the road once your computer’s performance begins to suffer.

If you already own a laptop, making the switch from a laptop to a desktop PC is much easier and less intimidating than many people make it out to be. For one, if you are worried about losing your files, there are many ways to transfer your old files to your new desktop. This way, you have a freed up laptop to use for portability sake and all of your old files are on your new desktop PC.

If you are used to using a laptop pc, you will notice that desktops are almost unanimously faster and more responsive overall. You will also notice that the monitor will likely be larger and things will be much easier for you to navigate on screen. Desktops also come with robust features that laptops do not, such as ram booster software, etc. While both computers are susceptible to viruses, it seems that desktops have a better chance of putting up a good fight.

When it comes time to make that decision regarding what type of computer you might want to buy, be it a laptop or a desktop PC, just remember the facts. Desktop PCs are infinitely more powerful and easier to use than laptops. They are capable of storing more documents and files, they usually hold much more ram than laptops, and are generally easier to use because of the larger interface you are working with. The only reason to purchase a laptop is for portability, and quite frankly, who needs to bring their computer everywhere they go?

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  1. mase007 says:

    Desktops, as stated are unanimously faster and more practical to use on a daily basis. Laptop's win for portability only…

  2. mase007 says:

    Desktops, as stated are unanimously faster and more practical to use on a daily basis. Laptop's win for portability only…

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