The Top Seven Warnings Your Computer is Infected With a Virus

Does your PC have a virus? Don’t know how to get rid of viruses? There are different symptoms that give evidence that your OS may have major virus problems like slower system performance, internet browser redirection and suspicious email activity. Viruses can easily open gates to a world no user wishes to experience and it is necessary to have an anti-virus application already present on the operating system. Let’s discuss several warning signs which allow us to spot a possible virus attack in the absence of an anti-virus.

1) Unresponsive Functions – If opening particular features delivers no response, it clearly suggests there’s a spyware infection that disables the functioning of applications in normal mode. The more time a spyware or virus infects the computer, the more applications it will eventually disable and make unresponsive until all applications stop performing.

2) Illegal Bookmarks and Unfamiliar Links – The addition of bookmarks, favorites, and links that begin to appear in your web browser is also a key indicator that spyware has infected your PC. The spyware may make strange and mysterious links in the internet browser’s favorites and bookmarks menu, simply clicking one of these triggers bigger more serious issues. It’s suggested then to run an anti-virus program to identify the spyware right virus

3) Suspicious Toolbars – An additional integration of malware in your internet browser are toolbars. You might be aware of MSN, Google, and Yahoo toolbars that actually help, however the inclusion of certain suspicious toolbars in the browser is a indication that some malware is logging your browsing history and transferring this data elsewhere.

4) Email Bombs – These email bombs are one of the final hints that malware has taken over the computer. Lots (and I mean lots) of unrelated emails and explicit material in your inbox, shows that the computer is seriously infected and needs a scan and cleanup. This actually works both ways; the emails don’t only enter into your inbox but also send automatically to all or any of your email contacts so it’s advised to check your sent messages in these cases.

5) Fake Warning Messages – While infected, the OS begins showing weird and false warnings saying that the PC is infected with spyware and it suggests using a certain software that will clean the PC from the infection. However, this software is really a gimmick that furthers the problem with more spyware to steal your personal information. None of these offers should be followed and should be responded by disconnecting the PC from the web and running an immediate scan preferably with an updated version of an anti-virus. This symptom is serious and putting off cleaning at this point usually leads to even more serious problems.

6) Internet browser Redirection & Pop-ups – A potential symptom that the PC is infected is the browser being redirected to an unrelated site that basically wants you to download some software program or participate in a survey. When you enter a URL or go to a search engine, the same site will pop up no matter what you type in. Pop-ups have a similar resulting effect. You may have proper browsing, but after a while the web browser opens a pop-up window that has explicit or unrelated material that you never requested or wished to open. Disconnect yourself from the internet and run a thorough scan. NEVER click on any of the pop-ups, because it will only make the spyware threat escalate.

7) Slow System Performance – The most apparent thing that proves the operating system is infected is the sluggish overall performance of the OS; software programs open slower and perform slower too. Opening up a Word document could take 5 to 6 minutes and such, is a clear sign that the Computer is infected.

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